AI based personalization

res mechanica leverages the latest technologies to offer the functionality your online shop is missing.

We provide the tools to optimally adapt all relevant aspects of your website to individual customers.

Take advantage of our game-changing AI to improve customer experience and boost your sales.


Our services

Mix and match individual packages from the table below to integrate the power of AI into your webshop.

Our services start at 499 € / month - please get in touch for your individual offer.

Feature Description
Personalization Let the AI decide on how to adapt important aspects of your webshop to individual customers. Create the optimal environment for the most successful shopping experience.
A/B testing done right We provide cutting-edge technologies to take A/B testing to the next level. Light years ahead of standard approaches, we offer self-tuning decision support that is dynamically adapting to market trends and personalized to individual customers.
Adapt your value proposition Personalize descriptions to specifically describe how your product fits individual customer needs.
Pricing Have the AI advise you on the sweet spot that balances profit with customer satisfaction. Always staying in full control, make informed decisions on how to adapt your price point.
Self-optimizing recommendation engines Provide your customers with the most relevant recommendations. Personalized, context sensitive, self-learning, and always up to date.
Personalized search results Identify the products your customers are really looking for. Boost your click rates by tailoring search results to the needs of individual customers.
Trend analysis Analyze consumer behavior to identify the latest trends. Stay competitive by reacting swiftly to the first signs of market disruption.
Segmentation Single out market segments and gain insights from your customer's shopping behavior. Optimize your branding to better appeal to your target audience.
Attribution Inspect the relevance of individual touchpoints to streamline your webshop and provide a unique shopping experience.
Predictive analytics Leverage predictive analytics to turn past and present customer statistics into guidelines for data-driven decision support.
Customized analytics Nobody knows your online shop better than you do. Take advantage of fully customized solutions to monitor and keep track of performance metrices most relevant to you.
Local storage Make use of local data bases to cache recurrent information and allow for faster response times and minimized traffic.
Secure API We provide a REST-API with token authentication over a secure connection to savely communicate with our servers.
Support Our support includes help to successfully integrate our web service into your online shop. From a concise documentation of the API to email and phone support by our team members.

A software service tailored to your needs - simple to integrate, flexible to expand.