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Leveraging the power of AI to successfully solve real-world problems takes a lot of experience.
We take pride in having achieved just that within two areas: Diagnostics and personalized customer interactions.

Automated leukemia diagnostics powered by Artificial Intelligence

Leukemia diagnostics

In cooperation with the Institute for Genomic Statistics and Bioinformatics res mechanica has developed hema.to, a software service assisting hematologists in diagnosing leukemia with the help of an AI that is unmatched in its domain.

Automated diagnostics of skin diseases powered by Artificial Intelligence

Diagnosing skin diseases

In cooperation with Hautzentrum Weilheim, res mechanica is currently developing and testing a B2C web application to provide a first opinion on dermatological diseases based on an AI asking few but smart questions.

Next-best-action marketing strategies for your business powered by Artificial Intelligence


The question of the next-best-action has never been answered more concisely. goodmoves, a software service by res mechanica, autonomously conducts campaigns across complete customer relationships and all channels.

Personalize your webshop using Artificial Intelligence

Personalized webshops

Powered by the latest innovations in AI technology, we provide the tools to bring personalization to your online market place. Benefit from the self-optimizing nature of our algorithms to improve customer experience and boost your sales.

Core team

A dedicated team with a profound scientific background combined with strong business skills.

Portrait Hannes Lueling

Dr. Hannes Lüling

Founder & CEO

Hannes is a theoretical physicist by training and holds a PhD in computational neuroscience. After several years of Data Science at DAX companies, he was instrumental in achieving the highest ever awarded rating of the EXIST grant for Artificial Intelligence technology.

Portrait Franz Elsner

Dr. Franz Elsner

Co-founder & CRO

Holding a PhD in astrophysics, Franz has spent several years working as a cosmologist at various research institutes across Europe. He has developed a multitude of novel approaches for data analyses and is an expert in Artificial Intelligence, statistics, and programming.

Portrait Felix Kunzweiler

Felix Kunzweiler

Co-founder & CTO

Besides from being a data scientist, Felix is a full stack developer and a M.Sc. in physics (TUM). After his background in electrical engineering, he has gained a broad knowledge in science, development of SaaS and cloud applications aswell as applied statistics.

Portrait Christian Mueller-Gorman

Christian Müller-Gorman

Strategy Advisor

Christian is a member of the executive management of STI-Consulting with a focus on international business development and transformation. His entrepreneurial expertise is essential when the challenges of growth have to be met.

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